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Bratislava Castle and the Danube in Bratislava Slovakia

Monumental castle known from the beginning of 10th century, built on former Slavonian fortification from 9th century from Great Moravian Empire above Danube river. Latest reconstruction is from 1956-1968. One of the city signatures.

Location: N 48.142276, E 17.100043

Architecture styles seen in castle: romanesque, gothic, renaissance, baroque

The castle stands on a hill where the earliest occupation dates back to the Neolithic period (5th millennium BC). The Castle was first time mentioned in Salzburg annals in 907 AD. Current appearance was built in 15th century AD (1427). The palace wing was built between 1431-34. Next reconstruction happened between 1552 - 1639 lead by Italian architects. The castle became coronation headquarters during the Tartar incursions from the east. The last big reconstruction was based on works of french, italian and austrian architects - J. N. Jadot, L. N. Pacassi and J. B. Martinelli in 1750-1760. In 1811 the castle was ruined by big fire and for 140 years remained damaged. The reconstruction started in 1953 restored its original appearance.

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