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Cerveny Kamen (Red Stone) castle in Slovakia

“Palffy Women” - Meet them on 2012 July 21 ; 2012 August 4 ; 2012 August 25 always after 6:30pm at Red Stone Castle

Nicely preserved stone castle built in the beginning of the 13th century as part of the chain of country frontier defence castles. In the 16th century rebuilt as a fortress and representative noble castle by Thurzo, Fuggero (one of the richest families in Europe) and Pálffy families. Palffy were the owners until the Second World War. Today, the castle is a museum.

Location:  N 48° 23.580 E 017° 20.052  GPS coordinates: 48.39365, 17.33505

Architecture styles seen in castle: Renaissance, Baroque

Cerveny Kamen (Red Stone) castle is situated on a quartz hill over a small village  Pila in the Small Carpathian Mountains. First mentioned in 1240 as part of the chain of country frontier king`s defence castles. Since 1588, when acquired by Palffy, interiors were rebuilt and transformed into a Renaissance-Baroque palace. Nowadays they are well-preserved full of stuccos covered with sculpted apotheoses and scenes from mythology as well as a well equipped the Terrena chamber from the year 1656 created by an Italian artist J. Tencall. In 1970 the castle has been named the National Cultural Monument.

Museum is a specialised in documenting, acquiring and preserving the development of residences of the aristocracy and the urban classes in Slovakia from the 16th century to the beginning of the 20th century, emphasising the art-history character of the objects and history of the Červený Kameň Castle and the development of military technology at Slovak castles.

The castle is today a popular destination for day trips from the capital - Bratislava (45 min by car).

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