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Lednica Castle, Slovakia , EU

photo via by Jozef Sadecky

One of the most inaccessible castles in Slovakia. It looks like an eagles nest and it is believed to be a home of a ghost - White Lady. To get to the inner part of the castle, you have to walk the tunnel inside the rocky mountain and then take 80 steps of the stone stairway.

Location on mapGPS: N49°6’47.92”   E18°12’20.12”  (Google Earth )

The castle is located on the cliff Kobulinka above Lednica village, at the altitude of 450 meters. It was built at the end of the 13th century as a seat of the Lednice estate and belonged to the group of royal castles. Imperial troops destroyed it at the beginning of the 18th century (1710). Only the remains of walls survive.

Owned by several noble families : Marek of Lednica, Matúš Čák of Trenčín ”Lord of the river Váh and the Tatra Mountains“, Pakšiovci, Bielikovci, Podmanickovci, Imrich Telekeši, Rákocziovci, Maťašovskovci. (Several documents, especially of the 15th century are in Slovak language among others).

The legend says that the spirit of the beautiful lady of the castle Katarína walks on top of them in the night. The lord of the castle kidnapped her on the day of her wedding but Katarína wearing the white gown preferred to jump down from the castle walls.

If you would like to participate on the castle reconstruction, please contact the people here.

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